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Data loggers and devices that work with Solytic Monitoring?

No matter which hardware solution you are currently using, a connection to Solytic's software is always possible. We will be happy to support you in doing so.

Solytic is compatible with many inverters and data loggers via various types of connection. The data connection via FTP-Push, API, Email or HTTP-Pull allows us to integrate your systems with the greatest possible flexibility, including all historical data.

The following list makes no claim to completeness. In principle, inclusion in the Solytic portal is also possible for data loggers not listed (provided that a data connection to the logger can be set up). Individual solutions are available upon request.

Manufacturer Device Portal connection
    FTP Email HTTP API
bos.ten Server   SolyTick      
Bosch Voltwerk VC Series SolyTick      
Carlo Gavazzi   SolyTick      
CybroKiss   SolyTick      
Danfoss   SolyTick      
Data Control       SolyTick  
deXcon Phoenix   SolyTick      
E3DC         SolyTick
Encombi   SolyTick      
Enphase Enlighten Partner API         SolyTick
Fronius Data Manager 2.0 SolyTick      
Gantner Q.Reader SolyTick      
GoodWe SEMS API         SolyTick
Huawei FusionSolar API         SolyTick
Huawei SmartLogger SolyTick      
Kaco Powador proLog   SolyTick    
Lead.Tec   SolyTick      
LTi ReEnergy   SolyTick      
Magnetek   SolyTick      
SolarMax MaxWeb XPN     SolyTick    
Meier-NT ADL-MXSmini SolyTick      
Meier-NT ADL-MXSpro SolyTick      
MeteoControl X-Series (blue'Log) SolyTick      
MeteoControl WEB'log   SolyTick    
Papendorf   SolyTick      
Plexlog   SolyTick      
Powador proLog   SolyTick    
pv-scan       SolyTick  
PVGuard Export   SolyTick      
Radius Log       SolyTick  
Schüco Sunalyzer Web   SolyTick      
SECURTEC       SolyTick  
Siemens PVM Export   SolyTick      
SMA ClusterController SolyTick      
SMA Data Manager M SolyTick      
SMA Monitoring API         SolyTick
SMA Sunny Central SolyTick      
SMA Webbox SolyTick      
Solar-Log   SolyTick      
SolarEdge         SolyTick
Solarwatt   SolyTick      
SolControl       SolyTick  
Sungrow COM100   SolyTick      
SUNlog       SolyTick  
SolarWorld Suntrol STL SolyTick      
Sunways Communictor   SolyTick      
STARcheck       SolyTick  
Steca       SolyTick  
Zebotec   SolyTick