Set up FTP-Push - SMA Datamanager M

This article describes the FTP setup process for the SMA Datamanager M

  1. Please make sure you are in the same network as your Datamanager M woth your computer
  2. Open your internet browser and enter following in the search bar:
    • https://SMA[serial number] (Example: https://SMA0123456789)
      and confirm with ENTER
  3. Now you see the user interface from your Datamanager M
  4. Click the grey gear icon on the left side
  5. A menu will open and navigate to the submenu "External comunication"

  6. A new window opens named "FTP Push"
    • Tick the Box with "Enable FTP Push"
    • Enter the following Solytic credentials:
    • FTP Server, User name, Password 
    • The Port is 21
    • Tick the Box with "Do not make changes to the password."
    • Choose a hourly intervall on "Push cycle"

  7. Click "Check connection"
  8. Close with window by clicking "Save"