Set up FTP-Push - SMA Sunny WebBox 1

Add a new FTP-Push:

  1. Network connection
    To set up a new FTP-Push, please make sure, your WebBox is connected to your local network.

  2. Open the WebBox Portal in your browser
    Therefore please visit http://webbox/ or

  3. Login
    Enter your login data and press login.

  4. Choose type of data transmission
    In the bar at the top please click on WebBox > Settings > Data transmission 

  5. Enter FTP settings
    Server, username and password as described in the email which has been send to you by Solytic.
    Leave the directory emtpy.

  6. Test the connection
    Click on test to test the connection.
    After completing the test, please save.


Further information can be found on the website of the manufacturer.