Set up FTP-Push - SMA Sunny Central

Add a new FTP-Push:

  1. Make sure your Computer is connected to the same network as your Sunny Central
    Therefore use the Service-Port "LAN-1"

  2. Start your internet browser and type in the IP-Address into the address line
    IP address: (Standard IP address from SMA)

  3. If it is the first login please change the initial password to one of your own
    Initial-password: sma
    (If the password has been changed already, please use the current one)

  4. Setup data transmission 
    Sunny Central > Settings > Data transmission

  5. Add new FTP-Push service
    In the field FTP-Push Service choose "Yes" and then enter the following information:

    -Solytic FTP-Server:
    -Port: 21

    Leave the upload directory empty
    For authentication choose "Yes" and enter the login data provided by Solytic (username and password)

  6. Connection test 
    After finishing the connection test - save.

Further information can be found on the website of the manufacturer.