Set up FTP-Push - Meier-NT ADL-MXSmini

Add a new FTP-Push: 

  1. Open the Webinterface
    Connect the Computer and ADL-MXSmin via an Ethernet-Cable (Crossovercable) with your network or modem. The current IP-Address of the ADL-MXSmin can be seen under "Network" on the GLCD-Display. 
    When in factory mode, the device is set to DHCP and receives its address automatically from the router (dhcp server). 
    Once the connection to the modem is established, go to your browser and type in the following IP-Address to open the ADL-MXSmin webinterface: (this address can not be changed)
  2. Set up data transmission
    Click on Setup > Webportal

  3. Enter data
    Active: "click"
    Portal: Choose "User-specific"

    FTP-User: has been sent to you via email from SOLYTIC
    FTP-Password: has been sent to you via email from SOLYTIC

    FTP-Upload: "dont click"
    Intervall: 15min or  30min
    Use Modem: "click"

  4. Save settings
    Click on apply to save settings.