Onboarding steps for solar monitoring

The following steps describe our onboarding process if you just want monitoring of your pv system. 

For pure system monitoring we need less data from you. This is important for you when you cannot provide all informaton for the digital twin.

First send us an overview of your portfolio and give us the following information:

  • Number of PV systems
  • KWp data for the systems
  • connected data loggers

As soon as we have received this data from you, we will send you the created FTP push data and need the following data from you to build the digital twin:

Please enter the general information in the onboarding form:

  • We need at least the yellow fields as system information 

Please enter the technical system information in the onboarding form:

In this table the basic information of the connected inverters is requested

  • Please include all information
  • If you don't have enough space, you can simply add columns

The orientation information is requested here

  • If you have a multi-roof system, please divide the information to the individual roofs

Here the installed modules are to be defined more precisely

  • If you have installed several modules, enter their information under module type 2

Please also send us the following data sheets:

  • Data sheets about module and inverter

Please also set up the data transfer.
You can find the relevant instructions for transfers (e.g. by FTP-push) in our FAQ here.

You will receive your personal access to the SOLYTIC portal afterwards.

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