My KOSTAL PIKO sends no or incomplete data. What can I do?

If device errors are ruled out, problems in data processing usually can be solved by performing the following 2 steps. If your Piko KOSTAL inverters have not been sending data to the Suntrol Portal for a long time and unfortunately there are no TimeStampErrors, then your inverter has to become active again. After a few unsuccessful attempts to reach the Suntrol Portal server, the inverter stopped
pushing data. 


  1. Open the configuration (in the internet browser in the address bar the serial number with a "s", e.g. http: // s90353KCM0000K), enter portal code, klick "go online" and confirm by accepting.
    This will set up a new data push. More information here.
    Your portal code is: PB531

  2. If no data is displayed after 24 hours, the device must establish a new one connection to the server. Restart the inverter according to the manufacturer's manual (AC and possibly DC) and then redo the step mentioned above. If a TimeStampError is shown, step 1) must be performed several times, in some cases daily to be able to access the data in the portal.

In cooperation with KOSTAL we are working on a solution.